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Bobby Clark


About Me:

Bobby is a native of the Mississippi Delta and a graduate of MS State University. He now resides in Texas. He grew up fishing ponds/lakes in the Delta; he caught his first bass when he was 5 years old and never looked back. One of his most memorable fishing experience's is catching a 6lb. bass when he was only six. Bobby has proudly served in the MS Army National Guard and US Army Reserve.

"I like fishing from a kayak because there's no maintenance, it works every time I put it in the water, it's a great workout, and very relaxing."

His favorite kayak to fish from is the Wilderness Systems Ride 135 so he can stand and fish. He is a regular contributor on and Bobby is also a Pro Staff member of Impulse Rods, Yak Attack, and Ram Mounts. The most important things in life is God and Family.