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Brenden Terrill

About Me:

I fish for perfection. The last 12 years I’ve fished nearly 100 days a year, every month of the year almost exclusively for Indiana river and creek smallmouth bass.   I struggle within myself searching for the perfect sensory moment in my fishing. Skipping the perfect cast under low hanging branches. Scouting on the perfect spot. Gaining the perfect reaction from the fish. Perfect strike, the perfect fight, catching as many and as large as I am capable. Reading the weather correctly, having correctly surmised where the bass would be.  When all things converge and I am the master where I step in a stream or float on top it. Perfect moment in fishing. When I’ve made the right choices using observation, endurance, finesse, skill, experience, reaction time, I am full.

Kayaks allow transport stealthily to key spots, quickly through tough terrain, allow carrying more gear to react to the conditions. For me, kayak angling excels in cold weather months where I can quickly move from winter hole to winter hole. 

I fish Indiana’s rivers and creeks for smallmouth bass year from January to December.

  • I’ve caught a smallmouth bass in 96 consecutive months, ending last January.
  • Brenden once caught smallmouth bass in eleven different Indiana rivers in a single day.
  • A Director of the Indiana Smallmouth Alliance conservation group
  • Author of blog, documenting river fishing trips.