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Jeff Malott

About Me:

One of the founders of the Arkansas Kayak Anglers and The Razoryak Tournament Trail.

Grew up in southern Ohio fishing the Stillwater and little Miami river for anything that would bite. I married an Arkansas girl 20 years ago and was told to be a part of that family I had to learn to bass fish. We moved to Arkansas after finishing my time in the Air Force. Since then my father in law Bill has taught me everything I know about bass fishing and it has become a true passion over the years. I am blessed to fish with a group of very talented anglers on a regular basis and am always refining my angling skills and learning each and every trip, which is half the fun.

I love competition, being outdoors, fishing, and staying fit. Kayak fishing brings all of these things together and that’s probably why I enjoy it so much. I fish from both a Ride 115 max and Ride 135 max because they both offer supreme stability to stand and fish even at 6’3” 200+ lbs.

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