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Team Wilderness


John Franchot

About Me:

John grew up fishing the small bays and backwaters off the southern shore of Lake Ontario for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and panfish.  He’s used just about any means to get off the bank, and in fact has even owned a few bass boats but ask him what he prefers.  “I’ve been in just about every boat there is, but by far the best vessel I’ve used to fish for bass and pike is a fishing kayak.  You’re immersed in the fishes’ world, closer to nature, tuned in to the environment, and can get to places a bigger boat can’t.  Most of my largest fish were caught while kayak fishing.  Once you embrace the strengths a well designed fishing kayak has to offer, you are in for one of the most rewarding fishing experiences.”

John has two boys, 16 and 8.  By day he is a Business Intelligence Analyst for an IT consulting firm.  He also moderates on the largest bass fishing website in the world,  He has taught classes on kayak fishing.  He competes as a boater and co-angler in traditional bass tournaments, as well as several kayak based CPR competitions.  With his experience fishing from several platforms, including kayaks, he brings a unique perspective to the team. He also spends time cleaning and tuning reels for himself and many of his friends.