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Neil Farley

"Farley, Farley, Farley"

About Me:

Neil was exposed to canoes and kayaks at a very early age since his father, Bernie Farley, is a well-travelled whitewater kayaker.  His father followed his passion and opened Whitewater Warehouse a family owned and operated kayak shop in Dayton, OH.  The kayak shop allowed Neil to follow his passion by abandoning wade fishing all together and begin modifying recreational kayaks back in the early 90’s into kayak fishing machines.

Fast forward to present day with all the kayaks specifically designed with the angler in mind and it allows a lot less modifying and a lot more time for Neil to chase fish!  Neil enjoys annual trips to Florida chasing inshore reds, specks, flounder, and sheepshead while also heading to Tennessee every year for largemouth bass, but his passion is landing big bronzebacks on rivers and streams.  With a personal best 22” smallmouth from a local Ohio waterway he is always looking for that next big smallie around the corner.  Neil is co-founder and operator of both the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail and Kayak Fishing Alliance.