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Rob Alderman

About Me:

"Kayak fishing is just another way to enjoy and explore the water. I try to get wet as often as possible and enjoy all that is around me."

Rob Alderman spent the first 27 years of his life fishing and playing in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding rivers and estuaries. Thirteen years ago, he moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and has never looked back after finding a waterman's paradise.

For Rob's entire Outer Banks career, he has worked directly in the recreational fishing industry. Working on a pier, in tackle shops, as a tournament host, as a beach fishing guide, as a fishing TV show host and producer and now, a full time kayak fishing guide--Rob has gotten a true Outer Banks fishing education and continues to learn more with each passing season.

Rob has been featured in many local, regional, and national magazines documenting his passion and some of his extreme adventures.

Rob started kayak fishing 7 years ago and guiding 5 years ago. The Ride 135 has always been his yak of choice for its stability and the ability to sight cast.

Rob's fleet consists of a variety of Rides and Tarpons and his adventures range from backwater and ocean to mother shipping offshore. He prides himself in customizing his trips to meet the needs of his clients and their ability, while offering a wide range of experiences.

Rob is willing to jump out of his kayak and swim with fish in 3ft or 3,000 ft of water to observe his prey and better understand their movements and natural habits.