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Steve Garcia

"Steve G"

About Me:

Born and raised on Galveston Island, Steve started out strictly a saltwater fisherman.  He spent all of his youth wade/jetty fishing or anything else that involved being around the water.  After relocating inland a couple of hundred miles to Austin he found out what freshwater fishing is about.  

Steve was a regular competitor in the monthly challenges on and achieved KBF Angler of the Year with his performance in 2011.  Fishing for big bass and kayaks just go together. 

Steve believes that the stealth and observation opportunity kayak fishing provides gives the angler a bit more of an advantage when going after big “smart” fish that have seen it all.

Central Texas has lots of opportunities to get out and chase down some big fish but is also a stronghold for freshwater kayak tournament fishing.  Steve started competing in local kayak fishing tournament series back in 2008 and since then has become a certified tournament junkie.  The local Kayak Anglers Tournament Series, “KATs”, is one of the best run freshwater kayak tournament series with top notch competition.  Trying to compete against the KATs fishermen has been a valuable learning experience.

KATS tournament record:

  • 2008 2nd overall:  Lake Austin 5th, Decker 8th, Bastrop 1st, Travis 16th, Lady Bird Lake 1st
  • 2009 5th overall: Bastrop 12th, Travis 1st, Decker 9th, Fayette 1st, Lady Bird Lake 5th 
  • 2010 3rd overall: Bastrop 8th, Decker 1st, Fayette 7th 
  • 2011 7th overall: Lake Austin/Lady Bird -20th, Travis 10th, Bastrop Team Event- 8th, Fayette 2nd
  • 2012 1st overall: Bastrop  1st, Fayette 1st, Decker 5th, Stillhouse  1st, Travis 7th
  • 2013 2nd overall:  Bastrop  2nd, Fayette 5th, Decker 4th, Travis 6th, Canyon 16th
  • 2014 in progress:  Decker 1st, Conroe 9th, LBL 40th, Lake Wood 13th, Bastrop 4th, LBL 13th,…?

When not busy with KATs Steve is also competing in the Capital City Kayak Fishing series where he has had several first place wins since the series started.  Kayak fishermen and women in the Austin area have no shortage of kayak competitions to take place in.  From weekly workingman type tournaments on Thursday night to the all night summer tournaments on Bastrop, Central Texas is one of the hot spots for competitive kayak fishing.  You can count on Steve G being at all of them!