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Helix MD™ Motor Drive

Farther. Faster.

From *$3,699 AUD

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First Look: Motor Drive


First Look: Motor Drive

The power of Wilderness Systems is on full display with the introduction of the new Helix MD​TM Motor Drive. Partnering with the proven technology of Torqeedo, the new Helix MD​TM Motor Drive is a step ahead in the world of kayak propulsion technology. With top speeds reaching up to 10 km per hour at a range of around 30 km and featuring a solar-rechargeable* lithium battery that lasts up to 8 hours and can charge while underway, the Helix MD​TM Motor Drive simplifies the experience of kayaking by taking you farther, faster. The unit is lightweight at only 7kg. including battery, and comes equipped with an intelligent remote throttle that displays your GPS-calculated speed, remaining range and battery runtime. With fully variable forward/reverse functionality, set the throttle to the speed you want and you’re free to fish with two hands. Quiet, low-maintenance, and easy to integrate and use in compatible Wilderness Systems kayak models, the Helix MDTM Motor Drive is an all-access pass for all kayakers of all ages.

* Solar panel charger sold separately

Helix MD Fact Sheet

Helix MD Specs & Features

Helix MD Quick Start Guide

Helix MD Operator's Manual


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Helix MD™ Motor Drive
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