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Jim Smith


About Me:

Jim enters his second year on the Pro Staff team. “Fishing is the easy part of being on the team. It is learning the “art” of product promotion and sharing kayak angling with other anglers that is evolving”. He has written two articles that are pending publication, “Selecting a Kayak for Fishing” and “Benefts of a Kayak, Embrace the Unfamiliar”. While many of the Pro Staff are seasoned competition kayak anglers, Jim brings over 60 years of fishing experience for multiple species throughout the United States, Canada and England to the team. (I started fishing with my father at age 4).

Whether on a lake, pond or wading or paddling in a river or stream, Jim loves to share his knowledge and acquire new ideas from angler friends and anglers met on the water. “I am equally at home fishing and paddling solo or with friends. Meeting new anglers and sharing stories and tactics is a joy. As anglers we are blessed with a sport where experiencing and protecting the environment is as important as catching fish”.  “This is a resource that must be protected, shared and enjoyed”. Jim is equally at home fly fishing and using spin/casting equipment. He is an active member of Trout Unlimited, Federation of Fly Fishers of America and BASS. He also feels that living in the great state of Maine offers fishing opportunities in a pristine and often wild and remote environment that are as diverse as our State.