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Pungo 120

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Pungo 120

Paddling. Perfected. Pungo.

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Blending celebrated legacy design elements with a re-imagined modern flair, the updated Pungo delivers a dynamic on-water performance with superior stability, unmatched speed, premium comfort and intelligent outfitting.

The renowned Pungo hullthrough rigorous engineering and testing, has reassuring stability without sacrificing performance. Best-in-class speed makes the Pungo the easiest to paddle and most efficient kayak in its class, taking you farther and faster than you ever thought you could.

The patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the world’s most comfortable kayaks; the Pungo’s comfort and adjustability is built just for you, allowing you to be fully immersed in your on-water experience. The Pungo also integrates the most comprehensive kayak dashboard interface for optimal customization and features. It includes the removable DryTec dry box that allows you to take your valuables with you, two cup holders for your favorite beverage, a recess for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately), SlideTrax ™ to hold mounts for phones, fishing rods and other accessories, and two mounting platforms for customized accessorizing. A protective and replaceable skid plate, comfortable rigid carry handles, industry-leading storage capabilities, and configurable deck bungee rigging rounds out a robust list of attributes. 

Through skillful engineering, the new Pungo features a size for everyone – a 10.5 foot model is a compact package designed to fit a variety of paddlers, a 12 foot model accommodates small and medium sized paddlers, and a 12.5 foot model for a large fit.

Please Note: Seat fabric/trim on Wilderness Systems recreational and light touring kayaks will be updated during the 2020 model year. The functionality of the seat remains unchanged, but the seat may look different than the photo on this page.  Learn More.


  • Pungo Carbon Paddle - the lightest weight option with a carbon fiber blade and 100% carbon shaft
  • Pungo Glass Paddle - a lightweight and durable option with a resilient fiberglass blade


Trying to install your Pungo dashboard? Get installation tips here.


Length: 12' 2" / 371 cm Width: 29" / 74 cm
Boat Weight: 49 lbs. / 22 kg Cockpit Length: 57" / 145 cm
Cockpit Width: 22" / 56 cm Max Capacity: 325 lbs. / 147 kg

* Prices shown are suggested U.S. and Canadian Dollar retail prices, net not including taxes. Prices in your market may vary due to currency, VAT, and other taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.

*Colors may vary slightly from those shown as each kayak that we produce is unique. Variations in color are not covered by warranty. Additionally, bungee cord colors and other fittings are periodically updated and may vary from what is pictured. You can purchase bungee cords (sold separately) in a variety of colors if you wish to customize the look of your boat.

California Residents:
WARNING: Please click here to review the Proposition 65 Warning related to this item.

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Pungo 120 - 2019 Features

Pungo 120- 2019 Features

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2019 Pungo Video
New Pungo Dashboard

The New Pungo Dashboard

A special recess designed for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately) allows you to keep your electronics charged on the go.  The updated dashboard also features a removable drybox, two cup holders and SlideTrax™to hold mounts for phones and accessories.

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Pungo ultralight 12'

Average: 5 (1 vote)

My pungo weighs 40 pounds, paddle fast, & is very stable & tracks very well..

2018 Pungo 120

Average: 5 (1 vote)

After much research, I purchased this kayak on April 2018. It suits my every need-stable but easy to paddle and tracks well, room for my photography gear, removable deck, adjustable seat, easy foot peg adjustment. I chose a bright color so motorboaters could easily see me. The downside? The large installed hatch is not waterproof (they did not claim it would be). I spent a lot of time on the water this summer, and am very pleased with the way it handles and my older body can get easily in and out without rolling it (like my previous kayak). I ALMOST gave up kayaking! Glad I found this.

Pungo 120

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I use my Pungo 120 almost all year round in the Rockies. I got it because it's big enough for dogs and also comfortable and stable. I did a lot of research before deciding this was the best kayak for me. I paddle mostly in lakes, channels, and occasionally a river. It would be very strange to hear of someone accidentally tipping this as it's very sturdy. I used it for self rescue training (practice getting back in from the icy water) and it was easy to do. I've taken 30 different dogs in it after a quick dry land training session. There's lots of space for cameras, kayak carts, snacks, and beverages and for dogs to sit or lay down for longer paddles. Definitely recommend for recreational paddlers who want to be comfortable and have their camera and snacks handy.

Great recreational/overnight kayak

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I’m brand-new to kayaking. Rented this a few times and finally decided to buy one because I like it that much. I’ve been very pleased - I’m 5’6”, 230lbs, and it fits me great. It has enough room to take along gear for 1-or 2-night trips and still be under the weight limit, though the lack of bow hatch means you need to trust your dry bags. It cuts through waves (I’ve been in waves high enough to spray over the deck) and aims true. Very stable. Love it!

Great kayak / 2 dashboard hacks

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Love the kayak, kids call it a rocket (compared to our tandem).

2 hacks
- The dashboard dry box gets very hot, phone will quickly overheat and shutdown, even on cool days. However, if you tape some aluminum foil to the lid everything stays cool.
- I bolted the "North Water Sea Kayak Under-Deck Bag" to the dashboard, a perfect fit under the dashboard - a great place to store a dry towel and extra water bottles.

Order One Up

Average: 4 (1 vote)

Having owned my 2002 Pungo for 18 yrs my wife has dragged my kicking, scratching and screaming 70yr old butt into her new Pungo 120. Let me say it was like going from a Chevy Nova to a Cadilac. I can put my size 12 feet in straight up and not touch the deck and the new foot pegs or pads give my feet better purchase for powering through some situations. Knee pads save my boney knees from being rubbed by the cock pit rail. The comfort of the up graded seat is like sitting in my lounge chair, having a bad back and bad right wing, seat makes the paddling so much easier Rear hatch storage much better than the rear "pocket" and overall storage on my 2002. Still has that great tracking and stability I loved in the 2002.
Being I gave this review for over all comfort and performance I will give my only complaint which is why 4*. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CLASSIC DEFINITIVE KAYAK LINES? The new Pungo has more of a bullet profile where the '02 screamed "KAYAK". '02 was solid brown, new Pungo will be Fossil Tan. Don't care for wild and crazy color schemes. Performance and comfort do out weigh the boat profile I will admit. Paddler profile: 6'2", 170 lbs, 70 yrs. '02 was $359 in the bag, '19-'20 $999 in the bag.

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