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Targa 100 Recreational Kayak

Just the Right Balance of Comfort, Stability, and Carefree Spirit

Introducing the Targa 100 - Recreational Kayak

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The Targa 100 sit-on-top recreational kayak from Wilderness Systems is your ticket to freedom.

Perfect for day trips, it offers the right balance of comfort, stability, and carefree spirit. The new sling-style seat is comfortable, breathable, and adjustable. There is plenty of room to stretch out with a wide-open floor — and we even included a heel pad so you can kick back and relax. The hull is stable so you can paddle with confidence and ultimate ease wherever your adventures take you. This sit-on-top kayak is designed with premium features like an integrated, removable cooler that is easy to access from your seat and take along with you for a lunch break ashore. You will also enjoy plenty of storage options like a hooded bow storage area to keep your belongings in one place while also offering splash protection to help keep you dry. There’s also an open, bungee-equipped, rear storage deck to keep extra gear secure in the back. Four rigid handles and two molded in-stern handles make this recreational kayak easy to carry, and the rack notch helps keep the boat in place for easy loading on a roof rack. So, go ahead and take the Targa 100 for a spin to see where it can take you.

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Product Features

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  • Footbrace

  • Open Deck

  • Comfortable

  • Premium Features

  • Storage

  • Bow Hood

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  • The Targa's SlideLock XL footbrace and cushioned heel rests provide maximum comfort throughout your paddling adventures.

  • Kick back and relax! The open padded floor design provides plenty of room for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement.

  • No matter how long you're out on the water with friends — enjoy maximum comfort with an adjustable, breathable mesh sling seat.

  • Drinks and snacks remain cold and fresh whether on the water or on the road with the portable insulated cooler that seamlessly integrates into the rear deck of your Targa 100 recreational kayak.

  • Keep your gear safe and secure thanks to cross-lashing bungee cords that allow you to customize rigging configurations to suit your needs.

  • The removable bow hood cover makes accessing essentials on the water quick and easy. The water-shedding hood with splash guard helps to keep items dryer in the storage well throughout your adventures.

Let's talk specifics…

Lightweight Design: At 10'3"" and weighing only 57 lb, the Targa 100 is an easy grab-and-go kayak that you can throw in the back of your pickup or secure to the roof rack of your hatchback with ease thanks to the integrated rack notch. Rigid carrying handles also make getting in and out of the water a breeze.

Length Width Weight Capacity
ft cm in cm lbs kg lbs kg
10' - 0" 305 32" 81 57.5 26 325 147
Wilderness Targa

Targa 100

The Targa 100 sit-on-top recreational kayak is your ticket to freedom

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