• USD $969
  • CAD $1019

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The hybrid crossover kayak gets taken to a whole new level. Combining agility and superb paddling experience of a kayak with the stability, capacity, and comfort of a canoe. The all-new dual seating system allows the paddler to sit on top or inside the kayak and includes a folding, removable seat. Innovative pontoon-style hull is wide enough to stand on and provides a surprisingly nice paddling experience and dry ride. Great for a wide variety of use, including kayak fishing. Numerous customization options are available using the SlideTrax rail system.


  • AirPro Freedom Elite
  • Partial Stern Bulkhead
  • Comfort Carry Handles
  • Rudder Ready
  • Made in the USA
  • Elevated Seating Area
  • Extended Thigh and Knee Padding
  • SlideLock Foot Brace System
  • Bow and Stern Tankwells with Adjustable Bungee
  • SlideTrax Accessory System
  • Drain Plug
  • Skid Plate


  • Length

    12' / 366 cm

  • Width

    30.25" / 77 cm

  • Max Capacity

    400 lb / 181 kg

  • Deck Height

    13.50" / 34 cm

  • Weight

    64 lb / 29 kg