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Team Wilderness


Adam Sauve

About Me:

I grew up and currently reside in Northern California.  I was fortunate my dad got me started in the outdoors at an early age.  We camped and fished through my childhood and eventually, at the age of 11 he introduced me to abalone diving.  I continued to ab dive and sportfish for years until 2011 when I got into spearfishing from a kayak.  The kayak opened up a whole new world of areas I could access.  I began competing as much as possible and quickly became hooked.   These days I continue to spearfish and hook and line from my kayak.  I also enjoy roadtripping and sharing the outdoors with my wife and 3 year old son.  We camp, fish, and forage for wild mushrooms across the West Coast.  I am looking forward to many more outdoor adventures for years to come.