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Team Wilderness


Alex Fiolka

About Me:

Alex grew up in eastern South Dakota where he found his passion for fishing and paddle sports. He and his family would take canoe trips down various river systems during the summer months. Upon graduation from high school, Alex joined the United States Marine Corps where he served honorably for nine years as a helicopter mechanic. Alex’s tour in the Marine Corps brought him many places around the world during various deployments including: Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Germany and Romania. Upon exiting the Marine Corps, Alex completed bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  
While studying and working, Alex re-connected with his passion for paddling in 2014 and has found success competitively fishing from a kayak in the Chesapeake region. Aside from kayaking Alex enjoys his spare time spent with his wife Caitlyn of 9 years and 16 month old son River. Other notable hobbies of interest include: photography, writing, hunting and hiking.