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Alex Post

"Alex Post"

About Me:

As a kid, I would take my kayak out before school to try and catch stocked trout in my local lakes and ponds. Today I still take the kayak out in search of fish; rather it’s before working as a Biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service. I still enjoy fishing for trout and other freshwater species, but my targets have shifted to saltwater species as well as from strictly rod and reel to include spearfishing and freediving.

In 2013 I began spearfishing at the insistence of a friend who needed a buddy. Coming from the background of SCUBA diving, I loved it since it added another layer of skill with freediving and the need to understand your target species behavior in order to target them. From there I began competing in spearfishing tournaments using my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 as a mobile platform. Today I am president of the Mass Freedivers Spearfishing Club, and in conjunction with the other constituent clubs, we hold the North Atlantic Spearfishing Championship Tournament Series. After placing 3rd overall in 2015, I hope to improve to 1st place for 2016.