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Team Wilderness


Andy O'Brien


About Me:

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area my love of fishing developed from a young age. I would fish for anything, any time I got the chance. Which is still true today.  I was introduced to Kayak fishing by a friend 11 years ago and was instantly hooked and have never looked back.   I have really enjoyed watching the sport grow and feel blessed to be able to have some small part in trying to spread my love of this awesome lifestyle and the kayak fishing community.   I am a moderator for Central Coast Kayak Fishing Forum, and on the committee for their Angler of the Year contest and the Annual Central Coast Slam Down tournament. I also love to support and volunteer guide for the California Central Coast Chapter of Heroes On the Water.  I assist fellow Wildy team members Eric Tebbets and Chad Britton in running the Estero Kayak Challenge tournament.  

I am a regular contributor for Central Coast Kayak Fishing and a member of the DEEP 6 Fishing Team.