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Team Wilderness


Brad Case

About Me:

Born and raised in Mississippi, Brad has been fishing all his life. He grew up fishing the waters  of Mississippi. “I have even caught bream at the mailbox ditch.” Although he has fished some bass tournament trails in Mississippi’s reservoirs from his bass boat, Brad’s passion is fishing the waters of Mississippi that only a kayak can get to.  He will fish fresh or saltwater and always carries an extra kayak with him.  If you see him, ask to fish.

He is a lifetime member of B.A.S.S. Brad enjoys teaching others how to fish, ” The smile on their face, says it all, as they reel in that fish.”



Tournament History 2010 To Present
135 Tournaments
21 - 1st Place Finishes
57 - Top 5 Finishes
73 - Top 10 Finishes
96 - Top 20 Finishes
(Avg 23 tournaments per year)

KBS   2nd place Angler of the Year 2015
River Bassin  Largemonth Bass Angler of the Year 2015
Badass Bass Tournament Trial Angler of the Year 2016
2nd place  River Bassin  Largemonth Bass Angler of the Year 2016

Some of the best fish

10 lb+ Largemouth Bass 26.75
3 lb 13 oz Smallmouth 19.50
4 lb Spotted Bass 19.50
1lb 5 oz Redeye Bass 14
3 lb 14 oz White Crappie
2 lb 7 oz Chain Pickerel
10lb 3oz Bowfin 30.75