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Calloway Rabb

About Me:

Calloway Rabb resides in Decatur, AL where  you will find him deep in a swamp throwing a frog in grass or cruising ledges on the Tennessee River chain. He got his start in fishing small streams in Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia fly fishing for trout with his dad and brother. After college he picked up fishing for bass out of a bass boat and participated on a local club circuit. It was not until 6 years ago when a fellow kayak angler introduced him to fishing from a kayak that he jumped into the world of kayak bass fishing. Since that point he hasn't turned back. He has multiple top ten finishes as well as a win on a KBF Trail Stop and two HOW Big Bass Brawl wins. When not fishing competitively he enjoys sharing his passion for the sport with other anglers new to the brotherhood of kayak fishing