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Cameron Simot

About Me:

Cameron is a young angler from the western shoreline of Michigan.  He is currently attending college in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula at Lake Superior State pursuing fire science, paramedics, and criminal justice degrees.  He began kayak fishing at age 15, after buying his first kayak on a Black Friday sale.  He soon after fell in love with kayak fishing. 

Cameron now actively fishes tournaments throughout the state of Michigan.  He loves to fish for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, but will not hesitate any other species of fish.  He also loves targeting mature king salmon in the fall when they start their journey to spawn, with a personal best of 24 pounds landed in his kayak.  Cameron loves teaching new people about the sport of kayak fishing.  In 2015 his girlfriend Kelsey started learning to kayak fish with him.  She has since taken the fame from him and regularly out fishes him.

You can find Cameron on social media, YouTube, or on Kayak Fish the Great Lakes Region kayak fishing forum.