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Carlos DeLaVilla


About Me:

After three years of being in San Diego, CA and being a NJ transplant I have fallen more in love with my new passion of kayak fishing because of the year round great weather here. I've been able to fish year round and I've been learning a lot about the local fisheries. I have been ensuring I apply the different techniques I've learned along the way to keep away Mr. Skunk. Catching fish with a bunch of different techniques has elevated my angling skills and now feel that I am ready to compete in kayak fishing tournaments. As an active duty Airborne Ranger I still make sure to pay homage by volunteering as much as the Army will allow me to for the organization that helped me find this outlet "Heroes on the Water". I've come far from where I started but still enjoy every outing as much as I did the first time and have them to thank for it. I love my kayak the Thresher 140 because I can use it for freshwater fishing, open ocean fishing, surf fishing, lobster diving/hoop netting and spear fishing. It's a great platform and versatile enough where I can use it for all of these applications. New kayak to be excited about is the Radar 135 which I will be ordering this year for hands free halibut and yellow tail fishing. If I had to choose a specific species I'd say calico bass are my favorite species to target and especially fun catching on a jerk bait. Get out there and catch some fish! Tight lines!