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Chris St. Pierre


About Me:

Chris St. Pierre was born and raised in south eastern Michigan. Growing up in the lake filled, fishing mecca of Michigan, he was first introduced to fishing at a very young age by his grandfather. In 2008 He stumbled upon kayak fishing and was instantly hooked.

Chris spends most of his time chasing Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Muskie on Lake St. Clair in his Wilderness Systems kayaks. When he's not out on the main lake, he can usually be found trudging through overgrown areas, dragging a kayak behind him trying to get to those hard-to-reach inland lakes that other boats wouldn't have access to. Doing so, has allowed him to receive Master Angler status from multiple states for numerous species caught while fishing from his Wildy kayaks.

When Chris isn't fishing, he's focused on spreading his knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm to others. He is an active member of Kayak Fish the Great Lakes and works alongside fellow Wilderness Systems Pro Staffer Chris LeMessurier planning events and tournaments to help grow the community and introduce kayak fishing to new people. His passion for introducing new people to the sport of kayak fishing is just as strong as his love for catching them himself.