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Eric Porter


About Me:

Porter grew up in Austin, TX and has been chasing largemouth bass since the age of 4 in small creeks and lakes out of a Jon boat. As a teenager he quickly learned he need something to get out on his own whenever he had the chance and purchased a tiny metal canoe to get to places he could never reach before. As soon as adulthood started he came across a guy who was in a kayak and saw how much faster he was going, how much quieter he was moving and quickly realized he needed to make the move. At 20 years old he purchased his first kayak and started focusing on moving river water and main lakes. Each day the passion of kayak fishing grew bigger and bigger leading him into the local tournament scenes which then grew to a nationwide scene. Fishing the KATS, Capital City Kayak Fishing, Riverbassin and Texas Kayak Trail events. He know owns his own Kayak Bass Fishing Guide Service - Capital City Fishing Adventures