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Frank Ruczynski

About Me:

 Frank was introduced to fishing at a young age. His first memories of the sport were from the urban waters of southwestern Philadelphia where shopping carts and old automobiles were often considered “structure.” As a teen, Frank’s family relocated to South Jersey where he found a whole new world of fishing opportunities and he’s never looked back!

Frank’s knowledge and appreciation for fishing and everything outdoors has grown over the last thirty years. Whether it’s chasing striped bass and bluefish along the coast, drifting the briny backwaters in his Tarpon 120 for his treasured tiderunner weakfish and summer flounder or freshwater fishing for largemouth bass, trout, toothy pickerel and panfish, he just can’t get enough.

When not on the water, he spends much of the time as an ambassador to the sport as an outdoor writer and volunteer. Recent organization affiliates include Hooked on Fishing – Not on Drugs, Heroes on the Water, American Littoral Society (fish tagging) and a variety of other outdoor/environmental associations.