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Team Wilderness


John Boatright

About Me:

Growing up in New Braunfels, Texas I was surrounded by freshwater and the largest concentration of artesian springs west of the Mississippi River. From an early age my father instilled a sense of conviction for and responsibility to the outdoors- not only to protect our resources but to share them with others. Kayak fishing is the perfect avenue to channel my love for the outdoors, my passion for conservation and to introduce new folks to the sport. Nothing pleases me more than inviting a new friend to the water, teaching them the basics, offering pointers and then finally watching them land their first fish or their once-in-a-lifetime trophy from a kayak. Lately I’ve come to realize that I enjoy the simplicity of the kayak also and find myself removing gear that I once valued, to better realize the adage of “more is less”- so I started flyfishing. Now the only sounds I hear on the water are the riffles of the rapids, the swoosh of my flyline and the water sliding off my paddle. Occasionally I’ll even catch a fish.