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Team Wilderness


Josh Chrenko

About Me:

Josh comes from a family of fishermen, and was holding a rod by the time he could barely walk. Cutting his teeth in the backyard family pond, and eventually competing across the country in bass boat tournaments throughout his early teens, fishing is engrained into his psyche. After the demands of starting a young family prompted him to sell his boat, Josh turned to kayak fishing as an alternative. This led to his obsession of chasing trophy river smallmouth. Whether it’s wading a small creek, or kayaking in a major river system, Josh pursues any moving water that might hold the prized bronze. Josh documents his smallmouth adventures on his blog at, with the goal of landing a 23” river smallmouth. When he is not fishing, Josh spends time with his wife and 2 young daughters (who he hopes to mold into angling women), and also enjoys spending time in the outdoors backpacking and hunting. Josh loves sharing his passion for fishing with others by introducing new people to the sport.