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Repair Guide for Composite Models

Composite canoe and kayak are built using resin and fiberglass fabric or combination of fiberglass, Kevlar®, or graphite/carbon fabrics. In simplest terms composite construction consists of multiple layers or laminates of
fabric encapsulated and bonded together by resin. Actual fabrics and resins used can vary depending on the
intended use but the basic construction technique pretty much universal. Most boats feature an outer clear or
colored layer of gel coat which is basically a pigmented resin mixture formulated for abrasion resistance. On some boats the gel coat is eliminated to save weight and these boats are referred to as a “skin-coat.”

Fortunately, the repair process is also pretty much the same, regardless of the specific laminate matrix. This
PDF is designed to outline the basic process which will involve both structural repair and cosmetic restoration.

>> Download the complete repair guide by here.