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Thresher: All Water Versatility

Posted: 02.03.2015

Since releasing in 2014, the thresher has proven itself to be more than a salt water surf launcher.

Sure, it can handle open water swells with confident ease, but here are some other applications the thresher is great for. Designed to be a capable angling kayak, the Wilderness Systems Pro Staff has taken the Thresher into a variety of fisheries, both saltwater and fresh. Check out Jeff Littles' rig here:

Note: Thresher features / components exhibited in videos may differ from current model year. Refer to the Features section of the relevant Thresher model for up to date specifications. 

Fresh from the California coast, we received the following image of a crab enthusiast who uses his Thresher to set and collect crab traps...apparently quite successfully:











Fishy features aside, the Thresher is a work horse in the area of sheer capacity and many paddlers have found it quite useful for camping and even SCUBA applications: