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CJ Siebler


About Me:

Born and raised in East San Diego, CJ has been fishing his whole life and has been kayak fishing since 2001. In 2007 CJ was brought into the industry on a professional basis as the manager of a local kayak shop where he still resides and now is the go-to guy at one of the nation’s largest kayak fishing specific online retailers.  Through his position in the industry he has not only watched the sport grow a tremendous amount but has also been first hand a part of getting new kayak anglers on the water.

CJ can be found fishing the SoCal freshwater lakes, bays, and inshore areas.  He teaches Introduction to Kayak Fishing classes and also volunteers as the Heroes on the Water SoCal Chapter Coordinator. 

Blessed to be part of this growing sport and industry he is proud to have the opportunity to help folks discover passion for kayak fishing. 

He also is an avid waterfowl hunter and spends much time hunting the Colorado River from his Commander 120 and Ride series kayaks.

CJ is a regular contributor on numerous message boards and forums across the US however can mainly be found on (a local San Diego forum) and (A Louisiana based kayak fishing club).