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Team Wilderness


Matt Lehman


About Me:

Matt’s fishing career started in central Pennsylvania on the family farm ponds that are stocked full of oversized bluegills and green sunfish.  It wasn’t long before he graduated to throwing Rapala Shad Raps and bottom bouncing tubes in the clear northern lakes in search of bass.

At the age of 20 the Air Force moved Matt to the swamps and bayous of Louisiana where the weed choked water forced him to learn how to fish in heavy cover.  This is also when Matt discovered kayak fishing, and never looked back.  Treble hooks and tubes with exposed hooks faded away and were replaced by hollow body frogs, Texas rigs and punching gear.  The thick moss beds and other vegetation that initially thwarted his angling attempts quickly turned into his favorite scenario for targeting trophy largemouth bass.

Bass fishing was Matt’s first love in fishing but Louisiana is know for redfish and Matt believes that “Once you hook an angry redfish in the shallow marshes, you’ll forget all about that bass fishing stuff…”