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W. Wade Nichols

"w2n... also widely known as "That guy with the tiger-striped kayaks.""

About Me:

Why does Wade choose kayaks for fishing?  "One, Without a doubt, it's the best way to get into those 'out of the way' spots --that keep you awake in bed at night-- while being able to effectively and efficiently fish them!  And two, the unparallelled feeling of being connected to the water and the larger environment as a whole." 

W. Wade Nichols, has been an avid fisherman his entire life, thanks in no small part to his grandfather, who instilled fishing fundamentals in him at an early age that he still uses to this day.

Wade lives in the North East corner of Ohio in Madison Township and fishes for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in the abundant natural lakes and man-made reservoirs in the region. He also spends time on Lake Erie and it's tributaries, especially during the early winter and spring searching for Steelhead Trout.  Wade has been fishing exclusively from Wilderness Systems kayaks sense 2000 when he purchased his first Pungo.  Wade also fishes from the Ride and Commander series of kayaks.  His favorite bodies of water are the numerous electric only and 10hp or under lakes in the area and has intimate local knowledge of many of them. Several times Wade has earned Master Angler status with The Ohio Department of Natural Resources while exclusively fishing from his kayaks.  His major strengths include finesse worm and jerkbait fishing techniques.  

One of Wade's favorite things to do is instruct others in the fundamentals, while on the water or in seminars, used to ensure kayak fishing success and promote overall safety.