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Accessory Information

The AirPro MAX preserves the popular innovations found in all Phase 3 seats – adjustability, comfort and high-quality materials – yet it is a true advancement in design. Fully functional in existing Radar, ATAK, and Ride models with great ease of installation, the patent-pending seat has a full forward/aft trim range and three phase (high, low and recline) positioning without any clipping or loosening of straps.

• Aluminum tube frame
• Premium all-weather, breathable textile combining an open weave fabric with a 3D mesh filler for the ultimate in comfort
• Backrest straps allow for adjustments of the seat back angle
• Easy access grab handles allow the seat to adjust quickly to low, high or recline by unweighting the seat and shifting
• Cam rotational pivots
• Easily attach accessories to slide rails
• Forward/aft seat positioning in existing Radar, ATAK,and Ride models is preserved with a unique injection molded rail
• Patent pending

Compatible with the following Wilderness Systems models:

  • Radar 115, 135
  • ATAK 120, 140
  • Ride - 2012 or later



*Prices shown are manufacturer suggested retail prices, including taxes. Prices and availability may vary between country and retailers due to VAT and other taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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