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Accessory Information

Mesh fabric covers honeycomb-vented, ergonomic 3D foam allowing greater airflow to keep you cool while cradling the back with lumbar support. The Phase 3 AirPro Seatback is fully height adjustable and is also capable of tilting forward or back to your favorite paddling position. If your prefer a seatback to a backband, this kit will provide you with everything that you need for a quick conversion.

• Fully adjustable seatback conforms to fit any size of paddler
• Easily converts a backband to a full seatback in 10 minutes or less
• Quick replacement for a current Phase 3 AirPro seatback
• Installation instructions included

Compatible with the following Wilderness Systems models:

  • Tsunami - 2013 or later (excluding Tsunami SP)
  • Zephyr - 2013 or later
  • Polaris- 2013 or later


*Prices shown are manufacturer suggested retail prices, including taxes. Prices and availability may vary between country and retailers due to VAT and other taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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