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Genuine Wilderness Systems Accessories

Custom-fit for your kayak

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Storage & Coolers
Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

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The Award-Winning Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Fishing kayak owners and paddlers with heavy loads now have an award-winning product to transport their kayak.  This workhorse cart will transport up to 450 pounds with ease and comes with two wheel options.

Spray Skirts & Covers

Protection from the Elements

NEW!  Kayak in comfort with our new line of TrueFit accessories for sit-inside kayaks.  To stay dry and warm, check out the TrueFit Spray Skirts sized to fit perfectly on popular models like the Pungo, Tsunami or Aspire.  If you seek protection from the sun's rays the TrueFit Sun Shield is a great option.  And, for kayak storage, have a peek at our new TrueFit Kayak Covers.

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Dry Bags & Freeze Sleeves
Gear Attachment
Seat Outfitting
Helix PD - Promotional Layer

Helix PD™ Pedal Drive. Innovation. In Motion.

 Featuring a 6:1 gear ratio precision-tuned to a 14 x 17 two-bladed fixed pitch prop, the Helix PD is the most efficient and intuitive pedal system ever engineered. 

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Power, Wiring & Lighting
Silent Traction Pad Kits
Accessories Promo Video