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Motorized Kayaks

Motorized kayaks have gained popularity in recent years, enabling kayakers to travel farther and faster with ease. Motorized kayaks are especially popular with anglers. A kayak outfitted with a motor offers speed and range combined with the ability to maneuver in tighter spots that often can’t be reached in larger bass boats. They are also a more affordable motorized watercraft.

Wilderness Systems offers those seeking a kayak motor the Helix MD Motor Drive in partnership with Torqueedo, experts in the field of water-based electromobility. Featuring a lithium battery that lasts up to 8 hours, the Helix Motor Drive is deployed through the FlexPod Console of compatible Wilderness Systems models including the A.T.A.K., the Radar, the Thresher and the Tarpon 130X.

The Helix MD Motor Drive weights just 15 lbs and reaches top speeds of up to 6 mph at a range of about 20 miles. Fully variable forward/reverse functionality on this kayak motor allows paddlers to set the throttle to a desired speed and then propel the boat hands-free. The Helix MD Motor Drive is sold separately as an upgrade for kayak owners.

Trolling motors offer another solution for kayak owners who wish to add power to their boat. While Wilderness Systems does not sell trolling motors, we do offer stern mounting plates for certain kayak models to assist with the installation of third party trolling motors. And, some handy kayak owners build own kayak motor mounts, often sharing ideas and photos of their DIY handiwork on Facebook groups and fishing forums.

Whether you opt for a trolling kayak motor or the Helix MD Motor Drive, you are sure to enjoy the option to propel your kayak with power.