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5 Gear Gifts Divers Want This Christmas

Posted: 12.03.2018

Kayak Diving Spearfishing
Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to keep your favorite diver friend in mind this season. With so many pieces of gear to pick from, it’s hard to know for sure what someone is in need of but here are a few items I would want this holiday to take on my favorite dive kayak, the Tarpon 160.
1. DarkWaters 1000lm Flashlight. Easily the best dive light out there. With a real 1000 lumens of awesome bright light in the palm of your hands, you’ll be ready for the darkest conditions, holes, and night lobster dives. It’s also extremely durable and the kit comes with everything you need, including a rechargeable battery with charger so you’ll never be without this light when you need it.
2. Pathos Laser Open Pro Speargun. If your diver friend doesn’t already have this speargun, it’s a no brainer. With such a reliable reputation, it’s a speargun nobody will ever forget who it was from. It’s equipped with a reverse trigger mechanism so it has as much power as larger guns but in a smaller and more compact frame. This is a huge benefit when storing your gun in the bow hatch or tankwell. Nobody likes paddling next to a pointy shaft hanging off the tankwell. My Tarpon 160 fits up to a 90cm Pathos Laser Open Pro. If they’re looking for an all around reef speargun, go with 75cm-90cm. If they have more of a blue water passion, stick to the larger varieties at 120cm-130cm.
3. SharkShield. Piece of mind is a powerful thing when you’re in or on the water and a SharkShield gives you that and much more. With proven results that deter the biggest and baddest sharks, it’s a must have for your diver friend. It’s also great on the kayak as well, stick it through one of your scupper holes and paddle with the piece of mind that you’re deterring sharks as you paddle to your favorite spot for fishing or diving.
4. Garmin Mk1 Watch. If you’re in the giving mood, this is the gift for someone special. It’s a hefty price tag but it’s worth every penny in features and functionality. The Mk1 is a full freedive watch with GPS capabilities and Scuba options as well. It’s based off Garmin’s fitness watches so you also benefit from the activity, sleep, steps, and heart-rate tracking. Mega plus to tag all your super secret spots right on your wrist and smartphone.

5. “IceColdChuck” High Visibility Floatline . With this super budget friendly gift, none of your diver friends will feel left out. In any situation where you’re going to mark spots or want a high visibility line on your speargun, this is the perfect floatline for the job. With a hollow core that will be visible on the topside of the water - you’ll never struggle to find where your gear is.

Happy shopping and make sure your friends always dive with a buddy!