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Buckeye Open Tournament Wrap-up

Posted: 09.12.2014

Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail

Buckeye Open Tournament Wrap-up

The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail held the Buckeye Open, the 7th event of the year, over Labor Day weekend.  The online event consisted of anglers fishing any waters in Ohio, private or public, and submitting photos of their 3 largest fish of the weekend.  The bass only tournament specifies the anglers must catch fish from within a kayak and submit photos with a unique identifier to prove the fish was caught over the weekend.  The event had 42 anglers participate from all across the state and had payouts of $840.  We are getting down to crunch time for anglers trying to both qualify for Angler of the Year (attending 4 events) and actually winning Angler of the Year.  Going into the Buckeye Open it was a two man race with Brock Spencer barely edging out Jeff Bennett and several other anglers needing very strong outings in the remaining events to make up ground.  This online event started at 6AM on Friday, September 29th and ended on Labor Day at 9PM.  It allowed anglers to fish as much or as little as they wanted over the holiday weekend.  Some anglers make a weekend out of it and made trips to fishing destinations in Ohio like AEP or Lake Erie in hopes of landing 3 monster bass.  After the chips fell, 1,579" of bass were submitted with the top 15 all topping the 3 fish total of 50"!  Jeff Bennett, Kurt Smits, and Travis Belcher all submitted 1 of their 3 fish measuring in at 22.25", an extremely impressive Largemouth Bass for Ohio!

The top 15 three fish totals:

  1. Jeff Bennett - 62.25" 
  2. Kurt Smits - 61.25
  3. Travis Belcher - 60.5"
  4. Dick Nauta - 60"
  5. Brian Britton - 60"
  6. Brock Spencer - 59"
  7. Chris Hannegan - 57.5"
  8. Luke Buxton - 56.75"
  9. Mike Murphy - 55"
  10. Todd Burch - 54"
  11. Shawn Skidmore - 53.75"
  12. Joe Tiller - 52"
  13. Brad Beals - 52"
  14. Neil Farley - 51.75"
  15. Michael Staaf - 50.25"

You can see all the fish and other pictures here:!buckeye-open-results/c23cd