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Installing a Flushmount Rod Holder

Reposted from the Wilderness Systems blog, written by Chad Hoover 

Flush mount rod holders are great for flatwater and nearshore fishing if properly installed. Factory installed rod holders are generally installed in a standard position and angled out extremely wide. I prefer to install them myself. Here are a few tips and tricks I use when installing flush mounts. 

Start by getting some eye black (or lipstick if you are into that) and mark the end of your rod. Sit in the kayak as you would naturally. Close your eyes and attempt to put your rod away. 

After doing this, there will be a transfer mark on the kayak to indicate the best place to put the flush mount. After making the mark, use a template for the rod holder hole (or the gasket provided with most) and draw a circle around the mark that you made. 

Put the circle slightly forward of center for best results. 

Use a dremel tool to cut out the center for a perfect fit (a hole saw may also be used) 

Retain the center plastic for future repairs just in case!! 

Insert the rod holder and then use your rod to find the desired angle. 

I angle my rods almost straight back to lessen the snags on overhanging shoreline brush and tree limbs. 

Drill hole and insert hardware and you are done!!! 

TIP: Flush mounts can also be used for accessories like lip grippers, anchors, gaffs and other gear. To increase clearance from the water or to adapt for fly reels, simply use a section of PVC and cut a groove to fit the reel seat and cut to length for desired clearance