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Big Water Break Wall Drum

Posted: 07.31.2015

kayak fishing

Just west of my home town on Lake Erie there are several sections of submerged break wall with their tops just under the waters surface.

When the winds kick up and drive the waves in from the north, big citation award sized freshwater drum park themselves on the downwind side of the submerged wall sections waiting to ambush prey items as they get washed over with the waves. This makes them susceptible to lures that are tossed into the incoming waves as they break over the wall. On this particular day, the winds grew very heavy and forced me to basically put my Commander 140 right in the breakers in order to make accurate lure presentations. I'm pleased to report my trusty C-140 handled the chop just fine, and I was able to catch several fish including 16 to 19 inch smallmouth and two of those big citation award winning drum.

by Wade Nichols