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Consumer Review of the AirPro MAX

Posted: 08.19.2014

kayak fishing

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to use the AirPro Max seat from Wilderness Systems on a Ride 115 in the San Diego Bay and was very impressed.

I have been using the phase 3 seat for a few months and to say the least it's a fairly comfortable seat. That being said the AirPro max in my opinion blows the phase 3 seat out of the water in comfort AND the fact that there is more than one position. It is also very easy to put the seat into position and it's surprisingly secure given how easily it goes into place in the kayak. 

When I go kayak fishing I typically go for anywhere from 3-5 before I start to feel the effects of being in a kayak seat (slight aching feeling in lower back and rear end). With this new seat I was able to fish in comfort for 8 hours!!! Because I was able to stay on the water longer I was able to catch the incoming tide which is when I landed this beauty (on the 7th hour of fishing), a 23" California halibut.

This seat will definitely help you catch more fish because you'll be able to stay on the water longer in search of that trophy catch and all the while you will be doing it comfortably.  I have used seats that are of similar design like the Jackson Cuda 14 and Old Towne Predator which are comfortable, but I am now a convert and would choose the Airpro Max if given the choice. All because of how secure and quiet the seat is (no banging or sliding from the seat when you get waked or take on the surf). 

So all in all I'm VERY impressed with Wilderness Systems design and execution of this seat and can't wait till they hit the market so I can get one for myself. Big thanks to CJ Siebler for allowing me the honor in getting to test out this seat.