Pay it Forward With Pungo

Wilderness Systems has always been a strong advocate for the healing power of time on the water. When connecting with nature through a physical medium like kayaking, you become part of it. Wilderness Systems has a mission to bring the restorative aspects of paddling to the people who need it most through the Pay it Forward with Pungo initiative. The Pungo is the world’s best-selling sit-inside kayak model, designed by Wilderness Systems, for its impressive balance of maneuverability, speed, stability and comfort. This model was chosen for the Pay it Forward program because of its renowned versatility and efficiency in the water. 

The Pay It Forward with Pungo project plans to donate six 2019 Pungo’s (with paddle & personal floatation device) to six different charitable causes and nonprofit organizations whose mission is to bring therapeutic time on the water to individuals in need. The goal of this campaign is to bring awareness to the charitable organizations that assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of everyday people through kayaking.