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Wildy Seat Transition - 2020 - Info Page

Wildy Seats - 2020

Introduction - 2020 Seat Updates

Same Functionality - New Look

Periodically we update the outfitting in our kayaks just like we update boat colors.  We are currently transitioning the seat color on Wilderness Systems recreation and day touring kayaks from an all-black color to charcoal gray color with orange piping as shown below.  There is no change in seat function or features, only color.  During the transition period some recreation and day touring models will ship with the black color seat and some with the charcoal gray/orange color seat – they are both correct.

Black Fabric Seat

Black Fabric Seat

Seats in kayaks produced prior to and at the start of the 2020 season (manufactured mid-2019 through early 2020 for some models) are black with silver trim. 

(Sit-Inside Seat Shown)

Gray Fabric Seat with Orange Trim

Gray Fabric Seat with Orange Trim

During the 2020 season, (manufactured late 2019 onward)  the seat color will change to charcoal gray fabric with orange trim on recreation and day touring models. The design and functionality of the two seats are identical - they differ only in appearance.

(Sit-on-Top Seat Shown)