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Wildy Seats - 2020

Introduction - 2020 Seat Updates

Same Functionality - New Look

From time to time, we update the outfitting on our kayaks.  In 2020, we are updating the seat fabric on all Wilderness Systems kayaks from an all-black fabric to a charcoal gray version with orange piping as shown below.

Which seat will you get?  It depends is the most accurate answer we can provide. If you purchase the kayak in person, you will obviously see the seat design.  Online purchasers may get the original black seat or the new gray seat with orange trim.  Since this update is a running change in our factory, there is, unfortunately, no way for you to request a particular design.  In general, kayaks ordered earlier in the 2020 season will feature black seats and those ordered later in the season will often have the new gray/orange design, but there will always be exceptions.

We believe both designs are sharp and know they will keep you very comfortable during your time on the water.

Original Seat - Black

Original Seat - Black

Boats produced at the start of the 2020 season will feature the original Wilderness Systems seat design with all black fabric.  The seat pad on this seat has silver trim.

(Sit-Inside Seat Pan Shown)

New Seat - Gray with Orange Trim

New Seat - Gray with Orange Trim

During the 2020 season, seating will change over to the new design which features charcoal gray fabric and orange trim. The design and functionality of the Original and New seats are identical - they differ only in appearance.

(Sit-on-Top Seat Pan Shown)