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AirPro MAX Seat Instructions

​Phase 3 AirPro MAX

  • Due to variations in molding and changes in boat geometry resulting from use and storage some consumers may find that their AirPro MAX seats fit tighter than desired in the hull.
  • We have found that the seats fit well into the Ride 115 and 115X, but some Ride 135 models are tight.
  • Although these seats are tight when installed, they remain functional in the boat allowing the seat to be slid forward and back while the seat is loaded.  The seat will begin to loosen upon further use.

Installation Instructions

  • Unfold seat.  Locate two round cam knobs underneath the bottom of each seat rail.  Cantilever back/aft two cams into the molded rails on your boat. 
  • The AirPro MAX seat has been optimized to work with 2015 Ride models but can also be used in Ride 2012 – 2014 models.  Due to the manufacturing variances that are inherent to the rotomolding process, the seat may fit tighter in some older models/colors.  It has been found that the seat will continue to slide forward and aft when weighted and improves with use. 
  • Insert the two guides at the rear of the seat into the molded slot and slide the seat toward the rear until the two guides at the front of the seat are also captured by the molded slot.  The sliding rails will rest on top of the deck hull.
  • Attach bungees behind seat to small loops attached to boat (pad eyes).  
  • Attach front buckle to J-hook aft of center hatch and between scupper holes.

Usage Instructions

  • HIGH POSITION:  Using webbing strap to pull yourself up, slightly crouch and take body weight off seat.  Locate webbing handles on seat at the right or left of hips.  Pull straps up and back to raise seat. 
  • LOW POSITION:  To lower seat into low position, reverse instructions above.
  • RECLINE POSITION:   Use webbing strap to pull up and remove body weight off seat.  Grab seat frame between legs or grasp bottom of seat. Pull up while pushing seat position backwards.
  • BACKREST: Adjust angle of back of seat by sliding buckles of backrest straps up and down for perfect fit.

We strive to ensure your satisfaction with this advanced Phase 3® AirPro MAX seat.  Should you have any problems with this installation, contact the Wilderness Systems toll-free customer service line at 1-888-525-2925 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time for assistance.