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Rudder Installation on a Tarpon 140

Reposted from the Wilderness Systems blog, written by Kyle Sawyer

Well since there were no directions in the box and I knew how to install these rudders, I figured I would post a how to on mounting a rudder on the tarpon 140.

Step 1: put wire cable trough the tubes going from the stern of the boat into the footwell.

Step 2: take off the stock screws in the stern of the boat.

Step 3: take the rudder bracket and the 2 bolts and mount it where the stock screws were.

Step 4: switch the stock handle on the stern with the bungee cord handle.

Step 5: remove all screws on the right side of the stern and put the 4 round pad eyes provided for you in place of each screw. Put the turtle bungee through the last pad eye like so and pass the two rope ends through each one.

Step 6: Cut and then singe the end of each rope so it is hidden inside the turtle.

Step 7: Take the rudder and put it in the bracket and fasten with split ring. Then put each cable end onto the rudder and fasten with the cotter pins provided.

Step 8: Remove the stock footbraces and replace with new metal braces. Then insert new foot

Step 9: Adjust new footbraces to your liking, then crimp and use shrink tube to cover crimps.

Finished product