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NEW Course Control Rudder System

Posted: 08.21.2014

The all-new Course Control Rudder System includes many improvements and modifications over prior rudder systems, including material and design updates. The rudder blade is transitioning from aluminum to an injection-molded thermoplastic carbon-filled nylon for more durability and stiffness. The blade design has also been re-engineered to a contemporary foil-shape for better efficiency and less drag in the water. The stainless steel cable formerly in use has been replaced with a light-weight cord woven from Spectra®. This material is as durable as steel, less inclined to binding, and connects to the rudder components without special tools.

Operation adjustments have also been made to the rudder system to create a more comfortable and customizable experience for the paddler. Pivoting gas-pedal style foot braces with larger, more ergonomic foot pads will control rudder direction without sacrificing bracing ability in rough conditions.  The rudder cord attaches directly to the pedals and the rudder is positioned by applying pressure to the top of each stationary pedal rather than by forward and aft movement of the pedal. Additionally, there are now three different routing points at the rudder head for customizing the sensitivity of the rudder movement. The amount of force required to operate the rudder differs based on the routing of the rudder control lines. The angle of the pedal in the neutral position can be adjusted with a cord tension knob on the foot rails. Other improvements include the addition of a self-lubricating axle that prevents over-tightening, and adjustability screw that allow the rudder to fit multiple deck angles.

*Wilderness Systems sit-on-top and  sit-inside rudder version models will feature the Course Control Rudder Systems, excluding PRO models