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Wilderness Systems adds 2014 Sponsorships

Posted: 07.30.2014

Wilderness Systems has been fortunate enough to team up with a few new sponsorship opportunities, and we are stoked to work with and support each of these missions. Read below to learn more! is an education and outreach initiative dedicated to raising awareness about California’s threatened sea otters. In collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, among others, offers an unprecedented look into the extraordinary life and world of this endearing and threatened species. is home of the world’s first HD live stream of California sea otters in the wild. Check them out on Facebook to learn more.


Chris Hayward: Wandering Adventurer

Chris Hayward is a 19-year-old Australian adventurer and wildlife photography enthusiast, who spent much of his childhoodin the outdoors exploring the Australian bush. His sense of adventure led him to many adventures, including hitchhiking solo across Australia, being the youngest person to kayak the full length of the Murray River, and a first full descent of Australia’s longest river. Along the way, Chris has filmed and photographed his expeditions, and his work led to several awards, including the Holeproof Explorer’s Adventurer of the Month. Chris has some exciting and record-breaking new adventures in the works these days, and he will be completing them with Wilderness Systems as his kayak of choice. Follow him on FacebookTwitter, or YouTube to stay up to date on his latest adventure, and join Wildy in supporting his dream of completing a major expedition on every continent using only human power.

 Captured Heartbeats

Rich Brand is currently paddling the length of the Mississippi River in a Wildy Tsunami 175 on a mission to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Colorado and to capture the wildlife, industry, scenery, events, people, and culture along the river in photos. He believes (and we agree!) that the perspective from the seat of a kayak is a unique one, and this expedition will serve as a beautiful and poignant way to capture the history of this stretch of water from Lake Itasca to New Orleans, all while raising money for the organization that saved his niece.

Rich put on the water in his Tsunami on June 1, and he is expected to finish his adventure at the end of September, so keep up with his progress and stay updated on his mission via his blog and Facebook page.