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First Impressions of the NEW Phase 3 AirPro MAX

Posted: 06.13.2014

Wilderness Systems has taken comfort, simplicity and function to an entirely new level with the Phase 3® AirPro MAX.

The first thing I noticed was just how comfortable the seat was after a 5 hour kayak fishing trip. The lower leg support and back support make this the most comfortable seat I’ve had the pleasure to fish out of. The back is fully adjustable so you can find the perfect spot for lower back support, while the bottom offers great lower leg support. The material is very breathable and if it stretches out a little, no big deal, just flip the seat over and tighten the straps to the desired firmness.   

The coolest feature this seat offers is how quick and easy it is to move the seat from the low to high position, and vice versa. Its so simple that you only need one hand so that you can keep the other hand on your paddle or fishing rod at all times. You don’t even have to get all the way up to switch positions - just raise up enough for the seat to move up and you are on your way! This allows for quick and stable adjustments while on the water. As for stability in the high position, I honestly couldn’t tell any difference in the stability as the current AirPro high seat. 

The seat has 3 positions - High, Low and even a Recline. Yes, I said recline. I know what you are thinking - why would you need a recline position? I thought the same at first, but taking a break on the water for a snack is that much more enjoyable in recline! Not only is this seat comfortable in the kayak, but you can also easily remove the seat and use as a chair on the shore or around the campfire.

Looking at the seat you would think "wow, that thing has to weigh a ton," but it is very light and folds up very compact for loading into your vehicle. All in all, Wilderness Systems has taken the Ride series to new heights in terms of comfort, stability and performance with the new AirPro MAX.