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Installing an Accessory Track System on the AirPro MAX

Posted: 11.04.2014

The introduction of the new Phase 3® AirPro Max seat by Wilderness Systems has been a real game changer for the Ride series of fishing kayaks.

Packed full of features, this seat has had seemingly endless coverage pointing out construction, mechanicals, and comfort. One overlooked feature, however, has been the versatility in direct bolt-on accessories.

Designed to accept both T-bolt accessories such as YakAttack’s screwball and track systems, the AirPro Max suddenly becomes more than just a seat. One of the most common upgrades seen thus far has been the addition of YakAttack’s GTSL90 tracks, color-matched to angler’s kayaks.  In an attempt to eliminate any learning curve or mistakes, we will show you just how to complete this install problem-free.

For the install you will want to use YakAttack tracks in the GT90 width. The choice of color matched composite GTSL90 over the aluminum GT90 is somewhat of a preference. Either track will bolt on without issue, however note that the tracks are not supported the entire length and are not intended to be used for high torque items. If a heavier item or tall camera mount is to be used you may want to consider the additional strength of the GT90 aluminum track over its composite counterpart.

For our install we will be using Orange GTSL90 tracks. You will want to use the 12” size as these fit perfectly atop the AirPro Max seat sliders/rails. When purchasing your tracks it is easiest to purchase the “RTI” or “Ready to Install” kits as they will include all needed hardware.

In addition to the tracks you will also need a drill with 3/16” bit, 11/32” wrench or pliers, marine grade anti-seize, and 9/64”allen key.

The first step in a correct install is proper alignment of the tracks onto the nylon seat rails. Forward/aft alignment and side-to-side alignment are both critical as there is not much area for variance. In aligning the tracks in the method outline, each track will have the maximum number of fasteners and will in turn be stronger than if the tracks were shifted.

To position the tracks properly forward/aft simply line up the GearTrac’s hole located 2nd from the rear to the brace in nylon rail as shown.

After track placement has been determined for the forward/aft aspect you will need to line up the side-to-side positioning. This positioning is important as if the tracks are brought too close to the center of seat there will not be enough space to allow for the nylock nut to be installed. To ensure proper placement the track should overhang by approximately 1/8” to the outside of the seats slider as shown.

After position is determined, mark the rear-most hole position form the GearTrac. After marking, drill out this hole and pin the track in place with one of the #8 bolts included with your GTSL90 RTI kit. After the aft end of the track is pinned, move to the forward most hole. Drill and again pin the track with one of the supplied bolts. 

With both track ends pinned you can now drill the remaining 2 holes that will be used and insert bolts.  On the rear of the track we will use the rear-most hole and the 3rd from the end. On the forward end of the track use the first and second hole.

The final steps of this install are to install the nylock nuts onto the bolts. Before installing these nuts, however, you will want to apply a small amount of marine grade anti-seize to prevent any thread galling.

While installing and tightening the nuts you will notice that the forward-most bolt will be a somewhat tight area. To install this nut simply back the bolt out until flush with underside of track, line up the nut, and tighten. All other bolts you will be able to attach nut with the bolts fully inserted. 

After all of your hardware is tight, all you have left to do is figure exactly what accessories you would like to use. I recommend using YakAttack’s RET-1002 Track Mounted Retractor. This works perfectly for anything you want to keep close at hand such as a FishGrip. Camera mounts and rod holders are also popular accessories.