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Wilderness Systems Converges on the KBF Open

Posted: 03.19.2015

kayak fishing

Several members of the Wilderness Systems Fishing Team took to the road to take on some big bass at the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Spring Open on Kentucky Lake in Paris, TN on March 13-14, 2015.

The event was put on by Pro Staff emeritus and ubiquitous bass man Chad “Knotright” Hoover, and what an event it was! Veterans Chris LeMessurier and Troy Meyerhoeffer and drove from Michigan and New York, respectively, to try and pull a win for Team Wildy, while newcomers Brad Case, Buster Swisher, Cory Dreyer, Dwayne Walley, Matt Lehman, Tammi Collins and Tim Perkins came up from all over the South.

Kentucky Lake is renowned for producing record-smashing bass and is hotbed for fishing tournaments, though the KBF was the first all-kayak tournament ever held on the lake. Conditions were tough and the fishing even more so, as the area had just seen some snow and there was a consistent off-and-on rain throughout the entire weekend. Despite the odds Team Wildy did relatively well with Cory Dreyer being the highest-placing member, landing the 14th spot and winning $400!









Chris LeMessurier did well too, placing 45th after a couple of decent days fishing an undisclosed honey hole.









Humorously, Troy Meyerhoeffer won “Smallest Fish” award though he swears he caught some hogs the day after the tourney.









After the final weigh-in, tournament-goers were treated to some live country music from up-and-coming artists Odiss Kohn, Danica Honeycutt and Markus Fox.









The A.T.A.K. was unveiled to the group of over 150 kayak anglers and with there being Manufacturer’s Money on the table for fishing out of a Wilderness Systems kayak, the A.T.A.K. will likely be the boat of choice at subsequent KBF Open events as well as at the National Championship slated for March 25, 2016 back at Kentucky Lake.