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Wilderness Systems Stabilizer Bar

Posted: 07.15.2014

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They have listened to the anglers and will be officially releasing the "Stabilizer Bar" (MSRP-$199.99), a stand assist/lean-on bar that will fit the Ride, Tarpon and Commander series of kayaks, in October of 2014.

Hot on the heels of the Wilderness Systems offshore “Thresher” kayak release and the highly anticipated Wilderness Systems innovative hi/lo seat - the “Phase 3® AirPro MAX” - release, Wilderness Systems and Harmony Gear have designed, developed, and tested a brand new must-have accessory. The original design intent was to develop a stand assist bar, but after talks with some of the Pro Staff testing the prototype, a second prototype was created that allows users to also have a place to lean on while out fishing.

The installation of this bar can be handled two ways. Either all 4 towers can be attached to the SlideTrax™ using the provided attachment hardware and only a Phillips screwdriver, or the rear set of towers can be physically mounted onto the kayak behind the SlideTrax to allow for more of a perch approach to using the bar.

The bar itself is constructed of double wall marine-grade aluminum pipe and high-grade plastic components. The design allows for the bar to be lowered onto the front of the kayak when not in use to ensure that paddling is not obstructed. It is as simple as pulling 2 pins out of the towers and lowering the bar with the provided nylon strap.

The bar, designed for anglers 5’2” to 6’4” with a strength rating of up to 500 lbs, is the perfect accessory to add to your Wilderness Systems fishing kayak. The possibilities of customization are limited only to your imagination and having the bar for assisting to stand up or lean against allows you to enjoy your time on the water longer and in more comfort.

Specs: Harmony Stabilizer Bar

  • MSRP - $199.99
  • Fits Ride, Tarpon and Commander series SlideTrax
  • Adjustable heights for anglers 5’2” to 6’4”
  • Marine-Grade/Rust-Resistant Aluminum frame
  • October 2014 release date