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Tall Tales - The Honey Bun Ritual

Posted: 04.15.2019

honey bun fishing

A 'Tall Tales' Story
Geo Stevens

Let me introduce you to my friend Arnoldo.

Love my longtime friend, but ever since the first time I kayaked with him he always required at least one stop after I picked him up. That one stop always required the acquisition of a ‘honey-bun’ or similar pastry and possibly a drink or two. But for sure, a ‘honey-bun’ is always in the bag. 

More than once that ‘honey-bun’ stop has resulted in a ‘crack of 8:30 launch’…LATE! LATE! LATE! Burning daylight for a honey-bun ?


Much has been said about habits, superstitions, and rituals people partake in prior to a fishing trip. I’ve seen people soak lures, avoid bananas, and wear the same clothes. All in an effort to increase their chances at catching some worthy fish.

That said, I’m not entirely sure Arnoldo’s ‘honey-bun’ was for any other purpose than to consume because he liked them.


On account of relocating away from the coast Arnoldo only fished one time in 2018. Sad indeed. That day was July 26. Of course after our usual 30 minute ‘honey-bun’ delay he proceeded to out fish myself and another local that very day. Arnoldo harvested his limit of redfish, I contributed a couple and our mutual friend John had rough one. 

Now I’m not implying a ‘honey-bun’ stop will turn your fishing into catching, but I do know it works for Arnoldo, and the pictures attached are a testament to his skills and his love for ‘honey-buns’.

That's fact and not a Tall Tale….Geo

#wildyfishing #honeybuns4life